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Inspirational Quote Sunday

Hope you're all having a great weekend and are enjoying the new month of August!

This Week on Instagram

top to bottom, left to right

1. Riley and Jeorge were hanging out on the porch looking like the cutest doggy BFFs. 2. When I got home from an out of town trip I decided to pick up a pizza from Dominos. I hadn't eaten their pizza in a long time. I loved the new crust. 3. I worked on editing some photos while watching beach volleyball. I liked the women's more than the men. They have such incredible agility and strength. 4. Riley was also watching the Olympics, and gave me a serious look when I threatened to turn it off. 5. I got all dressed up for an interview. 6. After an incredibly warm photo shoot, Jessie and I cooled off with McAlister's tea. 7. We had a blast coming up with props for our friend's going away party. 8. The party was fun an colorful! 9. Posing at the photo wall. 10. The props were displayed in fun containers to encourage everyone to let loose and take some pictures.