How Do You Recycle?

I am the type of person who {LOVES} colorful tubs and bins for organization, so when I needed a system for sorting my recycling, these babies were the perfect match! The only problem is, we live in a small townhouse/apartment and there's not much room for bins filled with materials to be recycled. These tubs fill up rather quickly. We have a larger one for pop cans, but glass bottles take up a lot of room. I have started smashing my plastic bottles before tossing them into the bucket, which helps a lot. 

I wish, I WISH we had a curbside recycling program to go alongside our trash. I love to recycle, but it is a big burden when you have limited space and have to make a million trips to the drop off location or find somewhere to discreetly (yeah right!) hide your piles of recyclables until you want to make that trip.

So I want to know how YOU recycle. What items can you/do you recycle in your area? How do you sort it? Do you have a pickup program or do you have to drop it off at location? In what ways do you make recycling easier?

Let me know in the comments below! If you have some good ideas (which I'm sure you will!) I would love to try them out!

- - Happy Recycling! - -

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ArtsyNina said...

I giggled when you said that your glass bottle bin fills up too fast. We have that problem also. It means that we probably drink too much! ;)

And as cute as your baskets are, I wouldn't have the patience. I use plain old paper bags. My Laundry room is right off the kitchen so I hide the bags in there.