Behind The Blogger - Day 4

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

Alright.... time to air out my dirty laundry.... well, in this case, it's actually only half-dirty laundry. Literally.

The worst, I mean WORST, habit I ever picked up somewhere along in my life is Piling Clothes! This is a picture of the basket that sits on top of my nightstand. That's great except I can't use the basket when there is a big.....ole.....Heaping.....Pile....of CLOTHES there! 

I have the seriously bad habit of putting any clothes that don't go straight into the hamper on top of this basket. It then becomes a pile of sweatshirts and jeans that get wrinkled and cause chaos. Why can't I just learn to hang things up again properly?!? Every time I clean and put all my clothes away I swear to myself that I will not pile my clothes again. And every time.. there's a breaking point and it starts again. 

So maybe I will fix this little problem by showing you a publicly embarrassing picture of my bad habit. Perhaps that will motivate me to never again allow this to happen so that if, for some reason, any of you ever come to my house, you will be able to head straight to my bedroom and see a perfectly clean nightstand! 

Until then.... Hi, my name is Kara.... and I'm a clothing pile-er. 

- - Happy Blogging! - -

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