Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! 

So far I have had a great day. The husband and I always get each other Easter presents and hide our baskets somewhere in the house. This morning I got his basket together and hid it in the dog's toy box! He was downstairs in the office making a lot of noise in my crafting corner. When he came up, he handed me my very own handmade Easter card!

He had used my crafting supplies and my Cricut to make me an Easter card! How cute is that?!

After much searching and laughing we finally found our Easter baskets. I thought I would should you what he got for me. He knows me so well!

The Haul!

The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques - Susan Pickering Rothamel

Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking - Leisure Arts

An EOS lip balm in Honeydew!
The card my hubby made for me using my crafting supplies and my Cricut!
 I hope you all have a fantastic Easter. I am off to bake some potatoes and get the applesauce going! I have a lot of cooking and eating ahead of me. Tell me about your Easter in the comments below!

- - Happy Easter! - -

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