Quick Tip Tuesday
How to Thaw A Ham in the Refrigerator

If you need to thaw a frozen ham, using the refrigerator is considered the safest method. You will want to leave it in its original packaging to help prevent the ham from leaking or drying out. You will want to store the ham towards the bottom of the refrigerator. To contain any leaks you will want some type of tray under the ham.

According to Recipe Tips it will take 4-6 hours per pound (depending on the size of the ham and the refrigerator temp.) to thaw. You should allow 3-4 days for the ham to thaw, and it will be safe for 3-5 days after it is thawed.

If you are using a frozen ham for Easter, you better get that baby in the refrigerator!

- - Happy Thawing! - -

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