Red Feather Lakes

As promised, here are some pictures from our trip to Red Feather Lakes. We rented a cabin for two nights. It was such a great getaway. I love the mountains, but I like my creature comforts. A fully furnished cabin was totally the way to go!

There was a huge cowboy boot planter on the porch. I honestly wanted to take it home with me. It's really unfortunately that I'm an honest person.....

The cabin also had a cute little stable area so you could bring your horses with you. Unfortunately, I don't have any horses, so I just had to enjoy the idea.

I was worried that all we would see of wildlife was the "left-overs"......

But we got to pull over and see a moose (my favorite animal!) on Sunday! I was SO excited!

We went to visit the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, a Buddhist temple, which is located in the middle of the mountains. It was gorgeous. You hike along a marked path to reach the Stupa. It was so gorgeous and serene. 

I hope you're enjoyed the pictures from our recent adventure. If you ever get the chance to rent a cabin or to go to a Stupa, you really should take advantage of it. I had such a great time. 

- - Happy Vacationing! - -

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