Homemade Frozen Dog Treats

This holiday weekend many of you are looking for ways to stay cool in the sizzling heat that July can bring, but have you left out an important member of your family in that plan? I'm talking about your PUPPY! Animals can get just as hot as humans during the summer months, especially those who live outside. My dog is a giant ball of long fur, which can be a blessing and curse. Today I decided to show him a little summertime TLC with Homemade Frozen Dog Treats!

I searched the internet for a good recipe, and the results were not exactly what I was looking for. They sounded just fine, but Riley doesn't like peanut butter, and I didn't have any bananas on hand. He does love canned dog food and yogurt. I decided to make up my own version, and guess what? It worked!

To make these frozen doggie treats you will need:

  • Plain Nonfat Yogurt (about 1 Cup)
  • 1 Can of Wet Dogfood
  • Water
  • 2 Ice Cube Trays (or little plastic cups)
  • A Blender
*Disclaimer - This post is not for the squeamish! *

The first step is to blend half of the can of dog food with about equal parts yogurt. Then add the other half and more yogurt. Blend.

At this point, it will be very thick. This is where the water comes in. I just added a little at a time until it was a decent consistency for pouring. I used about 1/4 Cup. It looked like runny peanut butter.

Once you've reached your desired consistency, pour it into your ice cube trays. My batch filled two trays perfectly. Don't worry if it's messy in the trays. I promise your doggie won't mind.

If you want to use a spatula to scrape all the excess off the sides you can, but I am lazy and chose to use my little helper for clean up.

Don't forget to supervise your dog if you let them lick out the blender. You don't want them to break it, get their head stuck, or cut their tongue. In fact, after I snapped this picture, I removed the bottom part of the blender for safety and set it on a plate for him to finish.

Now they are ready to go in the freezer. If you are worried about any smells mixing with your food you can wrap the stacked trays in plastic wrap. It took about 3 hours for mine to freeze solid.

Once they are frozen, you're ready to show your furry friend some love. I highly recommend putting it in their food bowl. Riley kept pushing his off the plate.

I hope you'll try out this super easy frozen dog treat recipe. I couldn't get Riley to stop following me around all afternoon. And to tell you the truth, I had a lot of fun making them. Oh yeah, and don't forget to wash out your blender! :D

- - Happy Cooling Off! - -

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