Money Saving Monday - Homemade Glimmer Mist

Recently I discovered recipes online for homemade glimmer mist. Until now, I had never played around with glimmer mist, simply because it was expensive. Now I can make my own at home and have as many colors as I want.

There are a lot of recipes and techniques for making your own glimmer mist, but I liked the use of warm water, mod podge, and metallic acrylic paint the best. If you're a visual learner, watch the video I found most helpful in making my own glimmer mists. All you really need to know is:

1 empty spray bottle
3/4 filled with warm water
Coat a craft stick with mod podge and mix it in
Add about a tablespoon of metallic paint

Shake it up and you have your own glimmer mist! Test it out and add more paint for darker pigmentation.

- - Happy Savings! - -

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Katie said...

What exactly is glitter mist? I've never heard of it before.