2012 Resolutions Checklist Printable

With the new year right around the corner, resolutions have been on my mind. In order to help you jumpstart your creativity in developing your own resolutions for this year, I created this handy dandy little resolutions checklist.

Click HERE to Download

I filled it out with some of my New Year's Resolutions to give you ideas. Now I can print this form off and check it off as the year progresses. 

So, what are some of your resolutions? Do you have resolutions for blogging as well as your personal life? Join in the Blog Frog conversation "What Are Your Blogging Resolutions?" at The Casual Blogger Community. 


Julie said...

I found a declutter your life calender for 2012 that I'm going to try and use to organize.
It's got a specific task for each day, but not too hard so that you're way burned out, and it even touches on mental and emotional clutter as well as the physical.
We'll see how it goes, but if I stick with it, it will be a pretty big resolution fulfilled! (Found it on Pinterest, btw)

Lee said...

I resolute to play more video games. That may sound silly but as an admitted work-a-holic that means I am taking more "me" time, and more "feeling up to it" time to do something that I actually really rather enjoy. And since I usually only get one thing on my list done, I am going to just put that one thing on my list and I will bet everything else will fall into place. :D

Lot said...

My goal will be to enjoy my day job more and to learn to make my own blog templates (css here I come)

Natalie Kay said...

You should turn this into a linky party! So fun!