Spot Shot Lovin'

Have I ever mentioned how much I love and adore Spot Shot? Because I seriously do.... The time when I accidentally cut my poor dog's nails too short and he got little drops of blood all over the carpet? Oh yeah, Spot Shot got it out. (And I refuse to cut Riley's nails anymore. Thanks hubby!) When we spilled Coke all over the floor? Spot Shot! And today when I tipped my tea mug a little too far and heard the sound of liquid spilling all over my grocery bags and stairs?

You guessed it. Spot Shot to the rescue! I seriously get upset when I run out of this stuff. I can't sleep at night until there is more in the house. Okay, that last part may not be entirely true... 

I know my stairs were horribly dirty before I spilled the tea, but in all fairness, this is a rental. There were about 30 years of wear and tear in here before we moved in. (Although, here's hoping that carpet isn't that old!) 

The point is, those nasty brown spots from my tea are completely gone. It took a decent spray of Spot Shot and about a minute of waiting and wiping. I'm one happy camper!

- - Happy Cleaning! - -

Once again, this is not a paid post. If a sponsor ever does happen across Nest Candy, I will be the first to let you know! 

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Lot said...

I am yet again confronted with the bad deal we have here in Holland with our cleaning products. I wish we could get our hands on this magical product ;-)