DIY Roman Blinds

Have you ever seen this tutorial for creating your own Roman blinds? It was all over Pinterest a while ago, and I have been meaning to make my own ever since I pinned it. Time passed... I even bought the fabric!...but I never got around to it. Finally, the hubby helped me whip up a double layer thick version for the bedroom window. 

He is seriously a vampire and has to have it pitch black in order to sleep. I need daylight to wake up in the morning. This is the perfect solution to our problem. It's plenty dark when it's down at night, and in the morning I can simply raise it up and let the light in. 

Look at those ugly paper black outs we had behind our regular mini-blinds before!

Sam put up the new blinds while I stood watch as the "technical support team."

Sorry for the awful pics. It's hard in a dungeon of a basement.


And down

I followed the tutorial over at 365 Days to Simplicity. It was pretty straightforward and simple. I used the patterned canvas material and a solid black canvas. I sewed the two pieces together before following her instructions. The material is heavier with two layers, so I will be happy if it lasts a while. 

I hope it will work for my vampire husband and his sun loving wife! What about you? Do you have a preferred sleeping arrangement? Light? Dark? 

- - Happy Crafting! - -


Katie said...

Kara! This looks so great! I love your fabric, and I'm just generally impressed. I thought the tutorial looked pretty involved and overwhelming, so well done!

Kara said...

So cute! Kelly and I both like to fall asleep with the TV on. The light and sound help put us to sleep. But we hate the sun coming through the window in the morning when we're not ready to wake up!