Grand Targhee Day 1

We are on a snowboarding trip at Grand Targhee Resort. Driving here was long, but it is such a gorgeous place.

I started the first two runs of the day off well, but then, out of nowhere, I took a massive digger. My head and side were aching, so we took a break for lunch. I tried one more run, but my body just wasn't having it. We are going to look into buying me a helmet. It seems I need one.

I think I will curl up and read my book while the guys finish their boarding.

Here are some pictures of the great view we had from the top of the lift.oh yeah, and my handsome husband. :D


Katie said...

Definitely get a helmet!! I don't snow board because I'm a weenie (and I just learned to ski last year), but I've known enough people with concussions that I even wear a helmet when I ski! I hope you're feeling better tomorrow. But man, what a view to enjoy!!

Jessica Brauer said...

So pretty! Glad you are having a fun time! Miss you guys! :)