Mental Spring Cleaning


I woke up this morning to muted light filtering through the blinds. I glanced outside and saw gray skies and windy conditions. Yuck is all I thought. 

Ten minutes later it was raining. Fifteen minutes after was snowing. Yes. Snowing. Make that double yuck. 

So, I went to the library to volunteer a few hours of my time, ate some delicious soup for lunch, search online for a job (with little success), and finally found myself sitting in the silence of my home by myself (well, and the dog, but he's sleeping, so I don't think he counts right now). 

My husband goes out of town to work in the summer, leaving me to my own devices for a while. He just left on Monday night, and the first few days are always a weird adjustment. Unlike many people I know, my husband and I actually like spending time together, so we go from spending almost all of our free time together to being separated by hundreds of miles. He is working at night right now, so he is asleep by the time I wake up and won't get up and call me until I'm eating dinner. It's not the most enjoyable situation, but it pays the bills and allows us to spend more time together during the rest of the year. And now I'm just rambling...

The point is, I find myself sitting here wearing my super attractive Wyoming sweatpants and my husband's slippers since he's not here to defend them. Sometimes silence can be lonely, but sometimes it really just gives us a chance to really be with ourselves and reflect. So, that's how I'm spending this day. If it must be disgustingly cold and nasty out, I might as well just get cozy and be mentally productive. 

Spring is a good time to cleanse. We often clean our houses and do organizational tasks this time of year. We go through our things and get rid of trash and donate unwanted items that we have outgrown in one sense or another. We make everything squeaky clean and ready for a fresh start. 

It's just as important to do this type of cleansing process with our cluttered minds and detox our bodies as well. Clear out those mental cobwebs, de-stress, and do some serious soul searching. If you're like me, maybe you'll have a nice cup of green tea that's packed with antioxidants. 

When I'm taking time to really think and reflect, I like the setting to be just right. I might have music on, or I might like it super quiet. I always love to set the mood with a nice scent. I'll put on some yummy lotion or light a favorite candle. One of my top picks right now is Lemon Mint Leaf from Bath and Body Works. 

Once I've gotten myself in the mood, I'll just let my mind wander wherever. I'm seriously one of the world's worst journalers, but I try to get mine out whenever I'm in a contemplative mood. I find that most of my pent up thoughts will just start pouring out onto the pages. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. It's your journal and can be as private or public as you want. It's the one place I will allow my grammar and spelling to go unchecked and unchanged. 

Yes, my journal is leather with an owl embossed into the cover. Yes, I have an amazing husband who always gets me the best gifts. 

Sometimes I will pick up my journal and just smell it. The combination of ink, leather, and rough paper are just to die for. Weird? I think not. 

Taking the time to seriously look at yourself in the mirror and reflect (no pun intended) might seem difficult with our crazy hectic schedules, but it is always so worth it. 

We get so busy that we forget to really analyze what's going on in our heads. We might not be aware of how we are feeling, but it drastically effects how we act and interact with others. If you get into the habit of self-reflection and mental checking, it can happen easier and more often than just a Spring cleansing. It really makes you happier too, because you get pretty good at understanding yourself. You start to recognize your emotional responses to things, and you can decide if something is really important to you or if you just need to say "Woah! I am just freaking out and need to take a step back." 

I didn't even plan to write this post today, or at all. It just sort of popped out during my alone time. That's the beauty of taking a few moments. So, why not make it a priority to really take some time with yourself. It doesn't have to be today or tomorrow or even this week. When the feeling is right, just go with it. Take that time. You will be so glad that you did. 

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