This Week On Instagram 6/25-6/29

1. The construction outside our house rattled wine glasses out of the cupboard. I walked in to a kitchen full of broken glass. 2. A sudden rainstorm finally cooled the day off and left beautiful puddles everywhere. 3. Living Things was released on Tuesday. I participated in a worldwide listening party on Twitter. 4. My Project Life variety pack of page protectors came in the mail. 5. Riley loves going for car rides. It always makes me smile to see his happy face poking out the window. 6. I was so excited to show off my beautiful art journal page. 7. I picked up an iced coffee in honor of Katie who was having some serious cravings. 8. I enjoyed my favorite McAlister's salad while catching up on a little blogging. 


incompetence magnet said...

I love McAlister's!!! I wish we had one here :( But I guess that gives me one more reason to get my butt to Laramie to see you!

lo said...

oh gosh thats terrible abt your glass!