A Watched Phone Never Rings

If you are connected with me on Facebook, you probably know that I applied for what would basically be a dream job for me on the 14th of this month. A few days later I received an email from the program director telling me that she would be looking more closely at my resume and calling for interviews the week of the 25th. The 25th was Monday.... I am dying with anticipation. 
I know that the week of the 25th means exactly what it sounds like, the whole week, but I am just so nervous and excited for this job. I think I would die of disappointment if I didn't even get an interview for the position. 

A little background on the job:

There is an organization here in my community that works as a 24 hour hotline and shelter for domestic abuse victims. Those served are usually women and sometimes children. They also provide services for elder abuse, sexual violence, and stalking. They provide information about domestic abuse and sexual violence to the university campus and the community. They provide weekly group sessions for women as well.

The job I applied for would involve every aspect of the organization, but I would specifically be in charge of helping women leaving domestic abuse situations figure out how to budget their income and find safe and reliable housing once they leave the shelter. I'd also be helping with the weekly group sessions. Helping women become independent so they can leave a bad situation is basically the bottom line of it all. 
There's so much more to it though. What I love so much about this organization is their attitude of the importance of education. Domestic and sexual violence doesn't just disappear because someone leaves the situation. It takes education and a willingness to learn and change. Otherwise it will just happen again to someone else. 

I would consider myself extremely lucky to secure a job I would be so passionate about right out of college. I am the kind of person that will work my hardest no matter where I am, but I like to challenge myself. I will become complacent if I feel I'm not using my passions and talents. 

So everyone cross your fingers for me. I would love to tell you all more about the organization if when I get the job! 

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