I SPY Navy Dresses

My cousin in-law is getting married this fall, and her colors are navy blue and sunflower yellow. It has inspired me to look for a navy dress, and I can't believe how many adorable blue dresses are out there. Below are some of my favorites. They're not all candidates for this wedding, but they are all beautiful!

1. Deep Blue Wonder (MC) 2. Midnight Sun (MC) 3. Frock Ballad Dress in Angie (MC)

4. Poppies Blooming (R) 5. Wonders Never Seas (MC)  6. So Call Me Navy (MC)

7. Toast the Coast (MC) 8. Comet Tail Hour (MC) 9. Navy Lace Dress (DP)

ModCloth = (MC)
Ruche = (R)
Dorothy Perkins = (DP)

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