Walk in the Woods

Outfit Details:
tank top - Target
pants - American Eagle
scarf - Target
socks - Aeropostale
earrings - Forever 21
shoes - Converse
bracelets - Target
aviators - Target

I convinced Jess to head out to Vedawoo recreation area with me to snap a few photos. The weather was gorgeous, and it smelled so fresh. I wish you could capture smells with a camera. The little chipmunks were very curious and kept running out to see us as I posed on the rocks. I was surprised how close they were willing to get to us before scurrying away. 

Our summer is winding down far too quickly. It has been raining at least once a day, which makes it hard to plan for outdoor activities. At least the rain means it hasn't been very hot. When the temperatures are high it's hard to motivate yourself to do anything but sit in a puddle watching television. I'm off to enjoy the mildly warm weather with lots of crafty goodness! 


2littlehooligans said...

that picture on the bridge is amazing!!

his little lady said...

such beautiful photos. i love the simplicity and the nature. just perfect!
xo TJ