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5 Tips To Online Shopping

In today's fast paced society it's all about accessibility and ease of use. Nothing embodies these ideals more than ~internet shopping~. You can shop at home in your pajamas, during your lunch break at work, even from your phone on the subway. You can buy virtually anything from stores that don't even exist in your country.

But, like most great inventions, internet shopping comes with a downside also. You might have to pay costly shipping and handling fees, you can't see the item in person, and not every website can be trusted to deliver the product you paid for.

To help alleviate fears of some of the negative, dark sides of online shopping, I've assembled a list of helpful tips to online shopping. They will make your life easier and save you money!

#1 {Shop at Reputable Websites}- These are places like Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond etc. They are large corporations that sell massive amounts of merchandise everyday, and are therefore more likely to have a secure payment process, reliable shipping methods, and a customer friendly return policy. These are your best bets when making expensive purchases or if you are new to online shopping.

#2  {Read Product Reviews}- I cannot stress enough the importance of reading product reviews before making a purchase. Websites like Amazon and Target are really good at featuring their customer ratings of each item they sell. If there are no posted reviews, or if you are at a website that does not feature customer reviews, try searching for the item on a search engine, like Google, followed with the word review. Learning from others' mistakes can save you the money that might have been wasted on an unsatisfactory product.

* A word of --CAUTION-- about customer reviews* - Sometimes, you have to carefully read reviews and apply them to your own situation. If someone doesn't like a pair of boots because they are slick on the ice, it might not matter much to you if you live somewhere it doesn't get cold. Always put customer reviews in context and decide whether their complaints or praises are things that matter to you in your situation.

 #3 {Use Coupon Codes}- These codes are like paper coupons you would use in the store, only you enter a series of numbers or letters into a special text box before checking out. Many websites have promotional discount codes advertised on their home page as well as less advertised codes sent only to their email subscribers or members. If you shop at a website often, it could be to your advantage to join their email list, through which you can receive secret discount codes. These coupon codes are sometimes listed on various websites and discussion boards, so it is always worth a Google search.

#4 {Check the Return Policy}- If you are unsure how a certain brand of clothing fits you, or whether that piece of furniture really is the right color for your living room, you will want to make sure the website you are shopping at has a customer-friendly return policy. Many websites will cover the cost of shipping for returned or exchanged items.

The best return policy I have come across is There are special rules about electronics, but almost every item is returnable to Amazon, and they make the process very painless. Their denim shop is a fantastic way to purchase designer jeans. You can buy whatever jeans interest you, then if you don't like how they look or fit, you just send them back at no cost and receive your refund. With stores like this, there is no reason to shop at a website that charges you return and restocking fees. 

#5 {Shop Around}- If you are making an expensive purchase or you are buying a popular item, it can be worth your time to compare prices between websites. Sometimes you can save a great deal just by browsing your item of interest on a few sites. Make sure you are considering previously mentioned factors when choosing who to buy from, such as reliability of the seller, customer reviews, shipping rates, and the return policy. If you take just a few extra moments to do this comparison search, you will not only save a few bucks but feel like you've searched out and scored a great deal!

I hope these tips help you out in your internet shopping sprees. Those of us who are shopping addicts can certainly use every extra penny!

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