Money Saving Monday
Dupes For High End Makeup

Today's {Money Saving Monday} is all about finding good quality make-up for less. If you have been using high-end makeup in the past, or you have always dreamed about affording a Chanel lipstick, learning to find cheaper alternatives (dupes) for those expensive products means you can still beautify yourself on any budget.

Let me just say that true dupes are NOT cheaper in quality than the expensive beauty products. A true dupe is found when the color, texture, pigmentation, and over-all effect are virtually identical between two items. Sometimes you can find exact dupes and other times there are only subtle differences. Believe it or not, there are MANY drugstore dupes for designer brands. So how do you find them?

The website Temptalia is the best place to go for all things beauty related. Remember when I posted about Using Online Swatches? Temptalia is FULL of swatches and great pictures of every and any makeup product. Temptalia also features The Dupe List where you can search for any makeup brand $-$$$$ and find any dupes for popular products.

The Dupe List will tell you which two items are being compared, how similar they are (75-100%), and what the differences are.
These are three different eyeshadows!

I use the Dupe List all the time when I am searching for a cheaper alternative for a glorious high-end product. There will always be better dupes than others, and sometimes a product is so unique there are no dupes. It is always worth checking. It is hard for a lot of women, moms especially, to justify buying beauty products they might not use too often. With the Dupe List you can have gorgeous blushes and lipstick that are good quality without the burden of high cost guilt. 

- - Happy Savings! - -


Jennifer said...

OMG HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS!!!!! I use benefit high beam and its kiiiind of pricey!!!!

Kara @ Nest Candy said...

I know! Isn't it fantastic?! You can let other people try it all out for you and then just buy the cheaper stuff. :) Having the high end is always nice, but when you're really in a bind who doesn't love a good deal?