Money Saving Monday
Using Online Swatches

An important part of being a creative woman is feeling your best! For some of us, that means having your nails painted a lovely shade or your make-up done just so. For others, it is having your home decorated to reflect your taste with bold patterns or enchanting colors.

Whatever it is that makes you feel empowered and wonderful, you don't want to waste money on it. You want all those investments to be worthwhile or they will just make you feel worse about yourself. If you order a nail polish online and it turns out to look different than you thought it would, or if you purchase throw pillows only to discover they clash with your couches, you will feel frustrated, not thrilled.

Following last week's post {Money Saving Monday} 5 Tips to Online Shopping, here is a tip to help you save time and money using {online color swatches}! I find these extremely helpful with beauty products, although it can be applied to nearly any popular online item.

When you are considering whether to buy and item online, many times you will find yourself asking, "I wonder what this looks like in person?" It can be a downfall of online purchases, BUT if you let others do the work for you, you can make a better informed decision. If you use Google to search the name of your prospective purchase, many times you will find images posted by others from their purchase and use.


Pictures like these will give you are more accurate indication of what the product looks like in real life. Popular beauty products have a wide array of {color swatches} which can be quite useful. For example, if I were considering the nail color Wagon Trail by China Glaze (a color which I am in LOVE with btw!) then I would see a dark blackish color in the picture from Amazon. However, if I Google searched "China Glaze Wagon Trail" I would get an array of pictures like this one from showing a vibrant shimmering olive green.

This difference in these pictures allows me to make a better informed purchase. I will save money in the end because I won't be buying anything I'm not confident I'll love just as much in person as I did online.

Obviously, this won't work for everything we want to buy online, but it's always worth a try. Do your homework on popular items and you will save money. I hope this helped and happy {saving}!

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