Money Saving Monday
Get Your Coupon On!

Okay, so we have already talked about how great coupons can be, but if you're like me, you might feel a little lost and confused when facing your Sunday paper. Well you're not alone! It's never too late to get your coupon on. Today I'll guide you to some extremely helpful websites to get you (and me!) going on your super savings journey.

The first blog we need to look at is {The Krazy Coupon Lady}

This website is run by two super savvy women who save 50-90% on all of their grocery shopping! They can show you how to save $10,000 a year! Wow! It all starts with changing the way you shop and knowing how to effectively use coupons. They have a great beginners' guide to get you started.

At The Krazy Coupon Lady you can find free printables, coupon guides, coupon lingo, beginner's guides, search for a specific store's add..... They have it ALL!

Changing the way you shop and using SO many coupons can seem daunting at first, but if you are buying things for pennies on the dollar and sometimes getting things for {FREE} it's worth the extra effort! I am going to start my Coupon Binder. I'll let you know how it turns out. If you start this coupon journey with me, please keep me updated on your progress. I'd love to hear!

Here are a few more coupon resources you should check out.

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