Money Saving Monday
A Sam's Club Trick

Today's {Money Saving Monday} is all about one little trick I learned about last week about Sam's Club.

It won't necessarily give you more money, but it will help you snag items when they are at rock bottom prices! The website MommySavers  likes to call this tip {The 91s}.

Basically, the rule is, anything with a price ending in 1 (usually 91) is on a closeout sale. That means you better get that item now or it will be gone. That's as low as the price is going to get!

This is a great tip for seasonal items and holiday decorations. If you really wanted those gorgeous patio chairs for summer, but you could never bring yourself to splurge on them, now is your chance to get them! The {BEST} part about the 91s is that these are usually such low prices, they are often less than what Sam's Club paid for them in the first place!

This little tip can easily be applied to items in Sam's Club that are always changing -- clothing, books, toys, seasonal, holiday, movies, video games etc. I'm sure it would also work with some food items that are not regular staples or if they simply need to get rid of their stock of an item.

Finding these 91s is also a great feeling because Sam's Club (mine at least) does not accept coupons. Saving money wherever you can, and grabbing hot sale items makes anyone feel good.

I don't know if this tip works at Costco since I only live near a Sam's Club. If anyone knows about Costco please let us know in the comments below!

I hope you start watching for those {91s} and grabbing those closeout items you really want!

- - Happy Savings! - -


Lee said...

That is awesome! I never knew that. Thanks for the great tip!! :D

Kara said...

You're welcome! I just learned about it myself. Good to know!