Quick Tip Tuesday
How to Find Cheap Museum Tickets

Hi everyone! Just another {Quick Tip} for you today, and this one is worth some $$. Did you know that visiting museums is one of the best ways to stimulate your child's brain, as well as yours? There are so many different types of museums out there -- you can find highly interactive museum/activity centers like Science World all the way to the other end of the spectrum where observation without touching is key, like at the Louvre. No matter what type of museum you go to -- big/small, interactive/passive, expensive/low budget -- you are bound to expand your knowledge and your child's curiosity. Can't afford museum tickets for everyone in the family? Then this is a tip you won't want to miss!

Did you know that you can often find great deals on tickets and special promotions for your local or national museums on their Facebook page? By simply "Liking" a museum's Facebook page you become a "fan," which gives you access to updates on upcoming events and possible cheap tickets or even FREE days!

Many museums offer a Kids Free Day or a reduced family package price. You can sometimes find printable coupons for the museum. Local museums that don't draw a lot of tourists often have one or two slow days throughout the week. Many will run promotions for those days, allowing you to get in at a reduced cost or FREE!

By connecting to your museum's Facebook page, you will also be updated on current exhibits and programs. If they are offering a film or Imax movie, they will likely list their show times or link to a schedule from their FB page.

It is absolutely worth those ten seconds it takes to find your museum's FB page and click "Like." If you don't, you just might miss out on all those great deals and mind expanding visits.



Anonymous said...

Something to keep in mind though, it's often worth spending the few extra dollars to get a full price ticket and avoid the crowding on the discount days. It also helps to support the facility, so you should weigh in your mind whether what you save is worth what you're giving in time and effort and oftentimes in enjoyment as well. It is hard to pass up free days though, however that marks the crowds of doom.

Kara said...

That is a good point. It is always important to support the arts as they get so little funding to begin with. No one likes a crowd either! Perhaps a free or reduced cost ticket would allow you to go multiple times. You could purchase full price tickets regularly but take advantage of the free days or coupons also. It never hurts to go more than one time!