The New Nest Candy - How to Make Your Blog Beautiful

In case you haven't been by recently, or if you are new to the blog, Nest Candy has been under construction recently. The blog you are seeing today is not the same blog that I started out with.

Remember the old banner?

Here is the new one!

And the old button?

Here's what the new one looks like!

I have been reading a TON of helpful tips and tutorials about sprucing up your blog. I have done everything from creating a custom header to designing my own Nest Candy button. I could not have done any of this without some great online help. I know there are bound to be others looking for these helpful tips, so I thought I would give you the links to some of the resources I used!

Momma Go Round

The first helpful stop I would like to point out is the Beautify Your Blog series at Momma Go Round. Nina has created some great step by step tutorials to help you get that blog looking fantastic! This is where I learned how to:
She answers every basic question that blog beautifiers need to know. I just {LOVE} her!

homemade crafts

If you are just beginning a blog, or you want to find a large list of blog make-over tips in one place, Tip Junkie comes to the rescue! Laurie put together the Blog 101 post to guide the new, the lost, and the confused. It has links to everything from Basic HTML Codes to Creating a Custom Navigation Bar. In the search for that perfect blog layout, this is one place you don't want to miss!

Fan of! Free Fonts. Recipes. Scrapbooking. Photography. Blog Design. Tutorials. Giveaway. Everything you're into!

Now that you know the basics of how to get the page elements and layout you want, let's talk about {CUTE} and {PRETTY} things! The blog Kevin and Amanda wins the prize for teaching you how to add cuteness to your blog. I learned:
 I left Nest Candy's background embellishment free, but Amanda teaches you how to really spruce up your space if you want to. I also got my FREE fonts for blog titles from the Fonts For Peas section!

I hope these links are helpful to you. Remember, always make your blog your own special place. If you don't want to add a signature or use custom fonts, you don't have to! Everyone's blog is beautiful as long as it is filled with {LOVE}. If you have any questions about other changes I made, please ask! Oh, and what do you think of the new blog???

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Anonymous said...

Wow I'm so coming back! I want to totally revamp my blog, I just don't know how or where to start. Thanks- oh and found you on the lady bloggers forum. :)