Work Your Buns Off! New Workout DVDs

During a little shopping session yesterday with the dear husband, we wandered into the exercise section of Target. As we have been trying to get in better shape and have more energy, I decided to look at the exercise DVDs. I think that working out at home will probably take place more than working out in the gym (at least in the beginning) so this would be a good "warming up" method. We purchased two workout DVDs, and I am very excited to try them out!

I have seen both of these DVDs at other retailers for twice the price of what I paid at Target. They were $9.99 each! That price made me even more excited to get home and workout!

I watched both DVDs when I got home so I would know what I was up against. Let me tell you, they look like a lot of fun....and pain. I am not overweight at all, but I am very out of shape. I lose energy so quickly. Just watching these I felt like I was getting tired!

I think everyone knows Jillian Michaels' reputation. She is a tough, lean, mean killing machine! She will push you to your limits. I am glad that there are beginner and advanced poses available in this workout. I am very excited to try these moves. They don't require any fancy equipment, and the positions used are fairly simple for yoga.

The Just Dance DVD looks like a lot of fun. It is all about moving around quickly and acting sexy to get a workout in. That's right - sexy. The only problem is, if you are out of shape and get tired quickly, it is hard to feel confident when attempting the dance routine. This is a DVD I will be practicing in private for a very long time before debuting it to any audience!

Overall I am very hopeful about these new exercise possibilities. Keeping everything new and fresh is always a great tip for getting your exercise in. On days when the weather is bad (which happens a lot where I live) I now have a few options for indoor workouts, without leaving my house. Check back in a few weeks for an update on my progress and what I think of these DVDs!

- - Happy Exercising! - -

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