Quick Tip Tuesday
Keep Your Wipes Wet

Okay, sometimes there is nothing more frustrating than trying to grab a wipe out of the package only to find out it's already dry. This happens to me all the time with make-up remover wipes, baby wipes (which we use on our dog when he's dirty!), dog deodorizing wipes, and other cleaning wipes. It just seems like half-way through the package, all of these wipes start to dry out on top. The good news is, there's a way to help!

Sure you can just get the wipe a little damp with water and it's usually good as new, but there's not always water close by, and it doesn't work as well with wipes for make-up removal. Here is a {quick tip} that does seem to work!

Normally the wipes sit in the container this way. Eventually the moisture falls to the bottom of the package and the top wipes dry out.

Whenever this starts to happen, just store the wipes package upside down for a day or so. You don't want to store them upside down all the time, or the bottom wipes will dry out. By turning them every so often, you keep the moisture moving through every layer of the wipes. 

I know this tip was super simple, but it can really help. Many times I have thought the whole package of wipes were dried out and old, but the bottom wipes turned out to be drenched! This works with any type of packaged wipe - from baby and make-up to household cleaning. If the wipes are just stacked up in a box (like many baby wipes), just take the lid off and flip the stack upside down. 

I hope this tip was helpful to you!


Lauren @ YoungNester said...

Great tip! Thanks for stopping by!

I am your newest follower :)

Lee said...

Hey! Good idea. I've run into this a lot with the Swiffer wet wipes. Although, there have been days when I say, oh darn, guess I can't mop today! ;)