Marshmallow Pops

Don't these look delicious? Want to know why I made them?
Remember those awesome Easter Eggmallow Treats from Landee See Landee Do I featured in April?

I wanted so badly to make cute little Egg shaped Mallow Pops for my Easter dinner, but I could never find the egg shapes. I looked at three grocery stores! Instead I settled on making HUGE mallow pops. Seriously, they are almost baseball sized!

I dipped these babies into some melted milk chocolate chips and stuck them on bamboo skewers. I threw some fun sprinkles on them and VOILA! You have super fun, Marshmallow Pops! 

I did lay them on waxed paper to dry. This made one side a little flat. I wish I would have stuck them into some floral foam or something to dry upright instead. 
They ended up a little sweet because of ALL the marshmallow going on. I ate the chocolate edges off mine. :D

Thanks so much Landee for the awesome inspiration! I had so much fun making these for Easter. Grab a featured button if you'd like. You've earned it! 

- - Happy Treat Making! - -

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