Money Saving Monday
Using Netflix

As college students, my husband and I like to watch our fair share of t.v. and movies. Unfortunately, cable can get expensive once you start adding the extra channels and packages you really want to watch. When we were looking to save a few dollars, we decided to join Netflix and leave the cable world behind.

We may not see all the shows right when they are first out, and we may not be up on the latest celebrity gossip, but we do get to watch only the shows we want to -- without commercials! {woot!}

If you don't already use Netflix, I highly suggest it. Even if you don't want to toss your cable subscription out the window, it's a great resource. There are different packages to choose from. We get the cheapest package for $8.99 a month. We get 1 DVD by mail and unlimited instant viewing. We stream our instant through the Xbox 360, but there are many ways to make it happen-- including video game consoles, computers, and some new blu-ray players. You can read all about the specifics at the Netflix website.

Netflix brings you so many possibilities. If your kids love watching a movie with the instant Netflix feature, you can watch that movie at anyone's house that has Netlifx access. No more bringing movies along to grandma's house, the babysitter's house, etc.

They have an incredible selection for DVDs by mail, and they are updating and improving their instant viewing selection every day. I have nothing but good things to say about Netflix. It has saved us so much money on cable, movie purchases and rentals, and movie tickets. If there is a movie I'm not so sure I will like, I don't have to feel guilty about watching it with Netflix, because I am paying a flat monthly rate. If I dislike the movie, I can stop watching at any time, no money lost.

If you decide to start a Netflix subscription, take advantage of their free 1-month trial. Even if you know 100% you want to subscribe, why not save the cost of 1 month? Better yet, if you know someone who already uses Netflix, ask them if they have any 3-month free trial passes. These are frequently mailed out to Netflix subscribers to hand out to friends and family.

Finally, if you already use Netflix, why not pass it on? You can give Netflix gift certificates for special occasions. Combine a few bags of popcorn with a Netflix gift certificate and you've got a great wedding or anniversary present. It sounds cheesy, but Netflix has brought us together. We love cuddling up and watching our favorite TV series or a great movie -- all for $8.99 a month!

- - Happy Saving! - -

I am not being paid by Netflix to write this rave review. I am sure Netflix has never heard of Nest Candy. I just really like their services that much.

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