Quick Tip Tuesday
How to Drink More Water

I'll admit it, I'm a terrible water drinker. I can honestly go days without drinking a glass. I will have all sorts of juice or tea, but when it comes to the plain stuff... I'm lacking. I try to be as proactive about drinking water as I can, but it seemed a losing battle. That's when my whole world changed with this baby!

I knew people who had these water bottles, and I often wanted one. I decided to conduct a test. Whenever I drink from a regular water bottle, I can't ever seem to finish it. It just goes on and on and on. One day, I put a straw into my water bottle. It was gone within 20 minutes. A SOLUTION! I need a straw! Since I have been using my Camelbak water bottle, I have averaged 72 oz. a day. That's on top of all the other things I'm drinking. That is a HUGE improvement over the 16 oz. I averaged with regular water bottles and cups.

Evidently I am just a lazy drinker. If I have to make the effort to unscrew the cap, I don't do it as often. There is also something so fun about the bite valve top on the Camelbak! I've also found that I do better with cold to room temperature water -- not ICE cold water like I used to drink. The ice cold water takes so much work from your body to bring up to your body temp. that it's more work than I like.

So, if you have trouble drinking enough water, try using a straw and warmer water. You don't have to use a Camelbak, although they are great! If it works for you, there are many options out there to choose from. Come on, be a lazy drinker with me!

- - Happy Hydrating! - -

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