Quick Tip Tuesday
How to Blog When You're Stressed Out

Sometimes we all get a little stressed out. It's just how it is and everyone deals with it. So if you're really having a rough week (like FINALS WEEK!) or a super busy day, don't add more stress to yourself about blogging. Blogging should be fun and rewarding, not dreadful and demanding. When you're stressed out, it's often good to let pictures do the talking. By posting a single picture you can stay in touch with your readers, maybe make them laugh, and remove the stress of writing a full post. Take this picture for example:
Yes that is me- with very little sleep and heaping pile of stress.
Sometimes the best way to blog when you're stressed out is to not blog. It will show through in your writing when you aren't wholeheartedly present. Let your readers know you are thinking of them with a fun or random picture in a wordless post, or just wait for another day. Your true fans will understand!

- - Happy Blogging! - -

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