Quick Tip Tuesday
How to Use Self Tanner

I have had several comments lately about my recent and sudden tan. Even though the weather is looking up, I still try to protect myself from the sun's harmful rays. That doesn't mean I have to go without a nice, healthy glow to my skin! I have started using a self-tanning lotion, and I have a few tips and tricks for you.

First Step: Exfoliate your skin to remove all excess dry patches. Don't forget to scrub those knees and elbows. Self-tanning lotions use your dry skin cells to create the dark color. You don't want dark streaks and patches on your joints.

Step Two: Apply the self tanner. I chose the Banana Boat Deep Dark Summer Color. Even though I am fair skinned, I wanted the dark color.

Be careful when applying the lotion. You don't want to apply it in lines like a regular lotion because you will get streaking.

You want to keep your fingers together and rub in circular motions. Be careful around the knees and ankles. These areas are drier, so you'll need to use less product.

Step Three: Wash up! Your hands will get orange and discolored if you don't wash them. You want to get the palms and in between the fingers especially. You can skip the backs of your hands if you want to add a little color there.

Let the lotion dry before putting your clothing on, or you could get stains. You should see some results in about a day. I reapply mine every two to three days. I saw real results after the second application. Good luck with it, and have fun. Remember, it's not permanent!

Most importantly, stay safe from skin damage!

- - Happy Tanning! - -

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