A Day With The Dog

Yesterday Riley and I went for a little hiking adventure together. Sometimes you just need to fill up your water bottles, throw some snacks in your pack and get out there. Oh, and don't forget to bring your camera!

See that blue bungee looking leash that attaches to Riley's harness? That's a shock absorbing stretchy leash that allows him to pull me along the trail and up hills without it jerking me or him around. If you've ever had a dog run to the end of a plain, nylon leash you know how jarring it can be to hold on. It's hard on the dog and the person, so if you want to allow your dog to pull, I highly recommend the Shockles Pet Keeper. I bought mine at REI. (And no, I'm not being paid to say that!)

We took our time exploring each and every trail available to us. We wandered around until we hit where to the paved trails ended and the dirt began. Climbing through narrow, rocky passes and down slippery, gravel hills can be quite the challenge with a high energy dog leading the way. He was ever so curious.

Aside from the occasional man made item, like the restrooms and the water fountains, you could be anywhere out in the wild once you hit those dirt trails. I rarely crossed paths with another person. It was just me and my dog.

The scenery was beautiful. Giant rock formations surrounded us. Each boulder looked as if it should come tumbling down any minute.  The birch and aspen trees surrounding the path gave off a soft song in the wind.

Wildflowers were growing everywhere you looked. Some were bright, others were muted. Some were tall, others were barely peeking out of the ground. Everything seemed to be lushly growing in untouched harmony.

I came across two leaves that formed the perfect heart shape. The way the light filtered through the bright green caught my eye immediately.

There were also beaver ponds along our journey. Riley loved getting cooled off in the water. I didn't even care that he was going to smell like a stinky pond when we went home. Today was all about having fun and letting loose.

He came out of the water one filthy dog! I didn't think I should ruin his fun and tell him that he was getting a bath when we got home.

But then he rolled in dead pine needles, so I told him anyway.

We stopped and ate lunch on a rock so he could dry out a little. The lucky pup got a few pieces of my turkey. He was a happy hiker. 
Getting a good picture of the two of us was quite difficult. Even still, I think you can tell we were having a ball.

Getting a good picture of myself was even harder with a re-energized doggie pulling me along.

We finished our hike and ended up back at the car 3 1/2 hours after we started. It was a fantastic day. I think the dirty, smelly dog grinning in the backseat says it all. 

And yes, I forgot a towel for the car.... oh well. That's why they invented portable shampooers and Fabreze right? 

When was the last time you got away and had a day with a pet or a loved one? What adventures would you like to plan? Let me know in the comments below!

- - Happy Summer! - -

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