Money Saving Monday
Free Crafting Supplies

Did you know that many times when you throw out your shopping bags or clothing tags that you could be throwing out free crafting supplies? Let's use a Victoria's Secret bag as an example. I just purchased two of their super soft t-shirts and happen to have a bag on hand.

Look at those ribbon handles! I easily untied the knots from the inside and had two hot pink lengths of ribbon for future projects. They also put your purchases in tissue paper. Score! Free pink tissue paper. The two t-shirts I purchased had the tags attached with little baby safety pins. How cute would those be on a card or a scrapbook page?

So let's see here, I got two sheets of pink tissue paper, two baby safety pins, and two lengths of hot pink ribbon. All of those things I might have otherwise thrown out! Think about what you can salvage from your shopping bags or clothing tags before you toss them out. I've gotten all kinds of things in the past. I'm always on the lookout for free stuff!

- - Happy Savings! - -

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