Chalkboard Welcome Sign

With School beginning again and fall coming up, I decided to deck out our front door with a cute {Chalkboard Welcome Sign}!

I made this sign using Chalkboard Paint from Rust-oleum. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $10. A little goes a long way, so unless you're painting a wall with it, you will get a lot of projects out of one can.

You are supposed to use a latex primer with the chalkboard paint, but I didn't have any on hand, so I just painted my board the base brown color. If you are painting an area you want to actually use as a regular chalkboard, you should use the latex primer.

Then I taped off the area I wanted the chalkboard to be. I made sure to cover the rest of the brown with the tape because I am sometimes a sloppy painter.

Paint your chalkboard area and leave to dry. This didn't take very long, as it was 90 degrees outside!

Now comes the hardest part of all. You have to wait three days to write on your chalkboard surface. In the past I have cheated and written on chalkboard paint after 1 1/2 days and it scratched the surface. It really is worth it to wait.

Once you have waited your three days, follow the can's directions for prepping the area and decorate away!

Pick out some cute ribbon, staple it to the back, and you're sign is ready to hang on your door. It looks so cute and inviting!

If you haven't used chalkboard paint yet, I highly recommend it. Once you get started, it's hard to stop. I keep thinking of projects I'd like to use it in. Maybe that's because I'm trying to fill that 3 day waiting period with more fun. Give it a try, the possibilities are endless!

- - Happy Crafting! - -

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