Mt. Dew Cupcakes and A Birthday Card

Today is my husband's birthday! He is so deserving of a fantastic birthday, but all he wanted to do was relax. I was just itching to do something, and when I found a recipe for Mt. Dew Cupcakes online, I had to make them. He is a Mt. Dew junkie if it's in the house, so I figured these cupcakes would be a big hit.

They turned out fantastic! I am not the best with frosting, but they really taste delicious. I substituted a little orange juice for the lemon extract. Mt. Dew is more citrus than just lemon lime, so I thought this would give it a better flavor. I also baked them at 350 based off of a few reader comments. There was no bake temp listed in the recipe. I even made cute little cupcake toppers for them!

The colors of Mt. Dew inspired me to make this birthday card for him. It was my first time embossing, so it didn't turn out perfect. Good thing he loves me enough to not even care!

Even though they were only little things, the cupcake and card really made his day without being overly invasive or exhausting. Now he can just relax the night away in peace. :)

- - Happy Birthday Sam! - -

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