Craft Room Organization - Drooling

I am on a mission to clean up and reorganize my craft room (corner). Even if I don't have the whole room to work with, I have a space. I need to own that space. Right now it just feels sort of.... lost... in piles of chaos.

Every good mission starts with a plan. My number one step in this plan? Drooling over awesome craft room ideas. Like this gorgeous room. It looks like it has a lot going on, but it's oh so organized.

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There is hope though! This super cute craft area shows that even small spaces can be magic!

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I just need to find the pieces that work for me. I need to work with what I've got. I'd really love to have a small sewing center with a cute little table like this one.

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I don't know where my craft room is headed yet, but thank goodness I have Pinterest to help me drool over some great ideas! Where do you craft? A room? A corner? A kitchen table?

- - Happy Crafting! - -


Julie said...

Looking at organized and decorated spaces either gives me lots of daydreams of what my spaces could be, or depresses me when I realize that they aren't, and probably won't be.
Note on the sewing table: I've found that I like tables that give me space to move beneath them. I noticed the one pictured has a drawer. I've sewed on tables that are tiny with drawers and cupboards and stuff, and I cringe when I see them in craftspaces, just because I know how uncomfortable they were and how much time I wasted having to simply move in and out when I needed to move around. Also, chair with wheels and swivel is ESSENTIAL for saving time and sanity during sewing projects. Good luck with your space, and I'd love to see pics! (That way I can daydream a little more about mine being organized.)

Julie said...

Not to be a comment hog, but here's a quick tip: see if any of the schools in your area do a discard sale. We've picked up several file cabinets, computer chairs, tables, and other things for cheap that way. They'll need a little love and cleaning, but it's a super way to get some essentials for not a lot of cash.

Kara said...

I dream of the day I'll have my own personal home office/craft room/library. For now, my craft space is my small kitchen table and the ottoman for our big leather chair (which my fiance absolutely HATES because now he never gets to use his chair! lol) Someday, I want a home office with a big L shaped desk for a desktop computer and my crafty projects, with a separate table for a sewing station. And I want shelves filled with books EVERYWHERE!