Quick Tip Tuesday - Ribbon Storage

As a craftaholic - I have a serious ribbon collecting problem. You can use it in so many projects, and it's not just a blue ribbon, there's a blue grosgrain and satin and sheer. There's not just 3/8" but 7/8", 1" and 1 1/2". You never know what projects you might come up with, so you need a LOT of ribbon. Right?

Whether I'm justified in my thinking, I still have an ever growing collection and a pain in the butt storage system. I have been looking at different storage ideas for months, but all the cute things seemed to take up so much space. Then, Pinterest came to the rescue once again!

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Store your ribbon wrapped around standard postage tags! This is much cuter than cut up cardboard, but cheaper than other storage methods. I actually have a box of 200 of these downstairs in my craft room right now! I can't wait to go color code and organize my ribbon this way. More room means more ribbon! :D

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Julie said...

I saw someone using a basket as ribbon storage. Just line all the ribbon cards up and pull the end of the ribbon through the side of the basket. It will unroll as you use it, and you won't have to take it out! You can stack them as well and still use the system. Just make sure your basket has large enough holes in the side for the ribbon to slide through without snagging.