A Day For The Dogs

Today has mostly revolved around canine companions. First I read about a dog, then I watched some dogs, then I played with a dog.

I Read

A Big Little Life is a memoir written by famous author Dean Koontz about his dog, Trixie, and how she changed his life and his writing style. It was not your typical dog memoir filled with chaos and mishaps. It was another kind of dog story. Trixie was a refined young golden retriever who had to retire from being a service dog, due to an elbow surgery. She then went to live with Dean and Gerda Koontz. Even a dog who is as prim and proper as Trixie was can bring an intensely emotional story to life. I picked this book up last night and had it finished this morning. Two sittings was all it took, because the story was just that good.

I Watched


After balling my eyes out, because dog memoirs just have that effect on me, I decided to watch some DogTown on Netflix. We don't have cable, so I watch television shows a little behind everyone else. I am still on season 1. The episode was about rehabilitating Michael Vick's pit bulls. If you don't know who Michael Vick is, I don't suggest you look him up unless you want your blood to boil. Let's just say the words Dog and Fighting are involved. It was an emotional episode to watch these dogs learn what human companionship was all about and overcome their traumatic pasts. It's always amazing to watch dogs who are so willing to try again and learn new things, no matter how old they are. I love that about dogs.

I Played With

Riley-Bear (one of his million nicknames) got lots of love and attention due to my canine obsession of the day. I groomed his fur and played hide and seek with him. If you've never tried this with your dog I highly suggest it! All you do is put your dog in a sit-stay in one room and go hide in another room somewhere. Once you're secure in your hiding spot, yell out "Riley (only you should probably use your dog's own name) come find me!" It's often enough to give them lavish praise once they do find you, but having treats to reward them is never rejected.

I am always ashamed when I realize how little time I have spent with Riley during the week. He is so full of life and complex doggie emotions. I remembered that his birthday is coming up in October. I wracked my brain trying to remember how old he will be. I was so shocked when I realized he will be 5. Five years doesn't seem like a lot of time in human years, but in doggie years that's a good fraction of their life. It astonished me to realize that, at best, a third of my dog's life has almost passed us by. I need to appreciate every minute with him.

Are you a dog person? Do you have a special doggie in your life? What is your favorite thing to do with your dog? Let me know in the comments below.

- - Happy Doggie Days! - -

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