My Name Is Kara, And I'm A Pinterest Addict

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I don't think I have gone a day since discovering Pinterest without spending at least 20 minutes looking those glorious picture filled boards. (With the exception of camping, which was slightly excruciating!) I even made my husband get the Pinterest app on his iPhone so I can play with it until I get my own iPhone. There is something about Pinterest that just pulls you in and time seems to stop. Unfortunately it's actually flying by at an alarming rate!

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I don't feel like my time on Pinterest is wasted. It makes me happy. It gives me incredible crafting ideas. It uplifts my spirits with fantastic quotes. It makes me laugh with hilarious jokes and funny pictures. No, it's definitely not a waste of time. The problem is....

I'm spending more time on Pinterest getting ideas and less time actually being creative. All these great ideas, but they aren't being put to good use! I need to start visiting my craft space again. I need to be making crafts inspired by Pinterest, but also coming up with my very own creative goodness. Pinterest is a wonderful place, a magical place! I'm pretty sure it's Disney World for adults.... but I've got to use it wisely. I've got to enjoy the real world a little too.

Are you a Pinterest addict? Do you put those ideas to use or let them sit on the computer? How do you use Pinterest as a jumping off point for creativity? Let me know in the comments below!

- - Happy Pinning! - -

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