Quick Tip Tuesday - Preparing Instant Oatmeal

I read online the other day that many people love oatmeal but hate the instant packets because they turn into dried up wall-paper paste. That made me a little sad because instant oatmeal is the most common breakfast staple for me, especially in the cold seasons.

After reading that, I wonder if many people are in a hurry - they expect their oatmeal to be as instant as possible, so they just follow the microwave directions. In my opinion, you should NEVER follow the microwave directions on the back of the package. There is a reason they are listed second. Here is a little demonstration.

#1 - Followed the microwave instructions.
#2- Followed the hot milk/water instructions.

The microwave instructions have you put the oatmeal in the microwave. This cooks it to death! It comes out all soggy and mushy, and when it dries out a little, it's like....well... dried up wall-paper paste! The hot milk/water instructions give you a much better result, with texture and a smooth finish.

Here's how I prepare my instant oatmeal:

1. Put the 1/2 C milk/water into the bowl.
2. Microwave the milk/water for 1 min.
3. Pour the oatmeal packet into the hot milk/water.
4. Stir in the oatmeal, and let it sit for 30 sec to cool and thicken.

These directions will make a much better oatmeal, I promise! There is still some chew, which I like. It goes down smoothly, no oatmeal sticking to your esophagus. If you have been turned off to instant oatmeal and you've never tried preparing it this way, give it another try. Maybe you still won't like it. Hey, it's not for everyone!

What's your favorite cold weather breakfast? Let me know in the comments below. 

- - Happy Tuesday! - -

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