2011 Blogging and Crafting Trends

Today the DH and I were discussing trends that are raging on in the blogging world these days. Do you ever stop and wonder how some things ever became so popular? Things that have been around for ages suddenly get re-invented and everyone goes crazy. So, I thought it would be fun to examine some of the most popular trends I've been seeing in the Blogosphere this year.

#1. Muffin Tins

Muffin Tins have been huge this year. If you want small portions of food - throw it in a muffin tin! If you want to separate and organize things - throw it in a muffin tin! If you want to make lunch more exiting for your kiddos - throw it in a muffin tin! No matter what it is, it is always cooler in a muffin tin. 

#2. Mustaches

The mustache craze is a trend that makes me laugh. Who would have thought we would someday be putting our babies in mustache print onsies and adding paper mustache toppers to our cupcakes? Humorous phrases, like the one seen in the printable above, are what keep this trend going. People like to laugh, and this is definitely a trend that brings a smile to your face. Chalk one up for silliness! 

#3. Owls

Owls are everywhere this year! I am seriously happy about this. I LOVE owls!!! They have made their way into the crafting, fashion, and culinary worlds. There is just something so undeniably cool about owls. They can be cute and dorky or wise and regal. One thing is for certain, they have been admired by the masses long before the year 2011. 

#4. Chevron

 1. Rug 2. Handbag 3. Cookies 4. Dress 5. Card 6. Quilt

The chevron pattern has exploded all over the Blogosphere this year. It can be seen everywhere! One famous blogger who is obsessed with chevron is Jen from Tatertots and Jello. I can absolutely see where her addiction to this pattern comes from. No matter what color it is, the chevron pattern just makes me happy. I wouldn't mind having a few chevron themed items in my home. I don't think I'm brave enough to try to wear it though! 

#5. Mason Jars

 Mason Jars are right in line with the rustic, shabby-chic theme we have seen this year. They recall us back to a rural lifestyle with simple cares. In some ways, their rustic appeal has been preserved and even enhanced. In other ways, like the pin cushion above, they have been modernized and upcycled to serve a new purpose. However they are used, I personally enjoy mason jars. They speak themes of home and love to me. Maybe because they make me think of hard-working housewife ancestors. Whatever it is about them, I'm obviously not the only one who enjoys them. 

#6. Ruffles

 1. Cake 2. Wreath 3. Pillow 4. Shirt 5. Trees 6. Curtain

At first, I admit, I really hated the ruffle trend. I thought they were too overboard and juvenile. Today, I have to say I have embraced their potential. When used tastefully, ruffles can give off a very feminine, soft appeal. They can also be very visually intense with all their cascading layers. So, I may have been sucked into the trend over time, but I'm okay with it. My house is still mostly ruffle free, and every now and then I find a ruffle I can really enjoy. 

#7. Burlap

Burlap is a trend I have noticed recently. It seems to be growing rapidly, and infiltrating all areas of crafting and blogging. I am curious to see how it will enter the culinary world. I don't think I'd be that into eating a burlap cookie. Once again, this is in line with the shabby-chic, rustic look. It also has a strong pull for those interested in upcycling and the Eco-conscious blogger. I will be interested to see where this trend goes in the coming months. 

That's all I've got for you, but I know I've missed some big ones. What else have you seen floating around the Blogosphere? What trends are your favorite? Least favorite? Let me know in the comment below! 

- - Happy Blogging and Crafting! - -

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Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

They MUST be trending b/c I love all of these! haha =)

ooh! and for perfect herringbone or chevron patterns, you have to get out the ruler and get technical with it. Mark off where the lines will intersect and mark your diagonals... its a little tedious but doesnt take SUPER long -- worth it in the end! You can follow the link on my bloggy to my friend's page -- she maps out the measurments for perfect herringbone. Mwah!