Money Saving Monday - Bring A Friend

The reason I didn't post a Money Saving Monday post earlier today is because I was out shopping and saving money with my best friend. There's nothing like taking advantage of some great sales, and since today was Columbus Day, the retailers were more than happy to provide those discounts.

One of the best things you can do when trying to save money is team up with a buddy. Jessie and I set out today with a mission: stock up on a few crafting materials, buy those long awaited household items, and grab the essentials for winter. The most important part, do all this while saving money.

When you take a friend shopping with you, you can avoid those costly mistakes of impulse buys you might make on your own. You can have a second opinion on items you're unsure of, possibly preventing you from returning those items later or just wasting the money. You can also take advantage of BOGO sales by purchasing together and then splitting the savings.

Aside from all the advantages you can gain from bringing a friend along, you also have a lot more fun. When you are saving money together, it makes the trip that much more enjoyable. You feed off of the other person's excitement over sale items. All in all, today was the best shopping trip I've had in a long time.

- - Happy Savings! - -

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