DIY Planner Make-Over

Lately, I have been trying to become more organized. As a chronically disorganized person, I have had to resort to some interesting methods to re-work my brain into enjoying this whole organizing process.

One of my biggest complaints about using a planner to map out my day or month is that I never look at it. I can write my to-do lists and plans out in great detail, but that's the end of it. I will set it aside and won't look at it again for days. The solution? Make it something I want to look at and use!

I already had a nice Five-Star brand planner for school. I love the inside layout, but the cover was just plain boring. That's where a little Mod Podge and pretty paper comes in!

To follow this tutorial you will need:
  • A planner 
  • A piece of 12x12 paper
  • Scissors (& and paper cutter unless you are much better at cutting a straight line than I am)
  • Mod Podge
  • Any Embellishments
Step # 1

Cut your sheet of paper to fit evenly around the cover of your planner with 1-2 inches extra on all sides. Mine measured 12x9 inches. 

 Step #2

Using a pair of scissors, snip a diagonal cut on both corners of the paper up to the planner's corner. 

 Step #3
Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge across the front cover of the planner. 

  Step #4

Carefully press your paper onto the cover. Apply even pressure across the surface to ensure a good bond. 

 Step #5

Paint a strip of Mod Podge along each edge inside the cover. Fold the paper over and secure. Fold the corners over in whatever way looks best. 

 Step #6 

If you are adding any paper embellishments to the cover, this is a good time to adhere them. Paint a layer of Mod Podge across the top of your paper and any embellishments to give them a protective layer. Be sure to get the edges and corners well, as they will receive the most wear and tear.  Once the paper is covered, use a hair dryer on the low setting to dry the Mod Podge. Once it is dry to the touch, use your fingers to smooth out any bubbles or creases under the heat of the hair dryer. 

Step #7

If your cover warps in the drying process like mine did, you can set it under a stack of heavy books for about an hour. 

Step #8

Admire your brand new, pretty planner and get organized! 

- - Happy Crafting! - - 

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