Sick Day

Last night I started to feel sick before I went to bed. I thought it was just exhaustion because I had stayed up studying late the night before. I tried to ignore the queasy feeling in my stomach. I woke several times throughout the night feeling nauseous. I just tried to relax and get back to sleep. Then along came 6 am, and this time I ran to the bathroom. I'm sure you can figure out what happened next.

Luckily, I have today off. I usually work on my online classes during my free time, but today was my very first day volunteering at the local public library. I tried to get another hour of sleep before dragging myself into the shower. I  arrived at the library in a haze. I got my work done quickly and headed home for the day. Now, it's soup, crackers and movie time. I hope I can kick this thing quickly. Everyone keep your guard up. Fall is lovely and fun most of the time, but there are a lot of nasty sick germs floating around right now!

- - Happy Wednesday! - -

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Lee said...

:( :( :( So sorry you are sick. I hope you can kick it quick. I have heard there are several things going around now. Call or text if I can do anything for you. Otherwise, snuggle up and rest, read, watch movie, and let the RyeBear take care of you until Sam comes home. :D