Christmas Is For The Dogs

Tonight we are waiting for Sam's brother and sister in law to get here to his mom's house from out of town. They will be bringing two dogs with them, one of which is a new puppy! I know Riley will be so excited to play, but I wanted to give him some exercise before they get here to get some of his energy out. Trust me, he has a ton of it! 

I decided to take him for his own private tour of Christmas lights. I bundled up, and we headed out. He absolutely loves the snow! You can see that he was whipping so quickly through the streets, I could barely get a decent picture. 

I have done a lot of driving around to look at Christmas lights in my life, but this was my first time walking on foot with a furry companion. It was quite peaceful. The air was crisp and the snow was crunching underfoot. I could feel Riley's excitement, and it was contagious. 

I figured, it is Christmas after all, so I allowed him every little stop to sniff and wandering to various bushes and hydrants. With no schedule to keep and nowhere I had to be, we just wandered my mother in-law's neighborhood, drawn to the bright lights. 

I loved the little train we saw in one yard. 

There is a house in this neighborhood decorated with toy soldiers on the house and little Christmas mice in the upstairs windows. It has been decorated this way every year for as long as I can remember. 

When we finally made our way home, I was thinking of how great it would be to have a sled for Riley to pull me down the snow packed streets on. He loves pulling, and he looks like a sled dog, so I'm thinking it's a good fit. 

He was certainly ready to eat his dinner when we got back. 

What a cutie. 

- - Happy Christmas! - -

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Julie said...

Cool! :D
That house with the mice and the soldiers used to have a whole Santa's workshop in it, with animatronics in every window, and they opened up the fence with the whole backyard full of lights and moving parts. It was cool, definitely a great childhood memory for Christmastime!