Last Minute Christmas Crafting

It's getting down to the wire. When you are traveling for Christmas, you have even less time to prepare homemade gifts. I am feeling the pressure today. I have two days to make:

  • A baby blanket 
  • A baby toy
  • 2 totes
  • A mini scrapbook album
  • 10 Christmas cards
I am very confident I can finish these projects. The cooking and cleaning and packing are the hard parts. :)

Are you finishing up any last minute projects for the holidays? What about last minute shopping? Let me know in the comments below! 

- - Happy Crafting! - -


Lee said...

No last minute shopping, but I still have some wrapping to do. I love wrapped presents under the tree. The suspense and wonder of what is in the package? Child-like wonder and delight comes out in us all on Christmas. I LOVE it!!

Katie said...

Oh boy - You're one busy lady! I was exactly like that last year. This year, I just have a teensy bit of last minute shopping, some wrapping, and making some vegan cookies for our dog walker.