Money Saving Monday - Homemade Tea Bags From Cake Memoirs

I am so thrilled to have Lot from Cake Memoirs here with us today. She emailed me with this amazing idea to make and gift your own teabags this holiday season. It's the perfect idea for a last minute, inexpensive gift. 

My name is Lot, I live in Amsterdam (Holland) with my husband and my little, but very active, boy Eli. I love baking, food-related crafts and Photoshop and combine them all on my blog which I started only 2 months ago. I am so excited to write here today on Nest Candy (thanks Kara!).

Now, here in Amsterdam you can be sure of 2 things: you need your bike to get around and while doing so you will encounter rain. So you can imagine that when you come home after getting soaking wet and have had to cycle against the cold wind you need a little pick-me-up. For me it comes in the form of a lovely cup of tea.

Today I will share with you how you can capture this wintery-feeling in a little packet. I will show you how you can make your own teabags with your own labels. I think these are the perfect gifts because they are so thoughtful, they last long and you can customize them to suit anyone's taste.

First thing you will need are some tea supplies. There is a shop just around the corner from my house that sells the most amazing teas: vanilla rooibos, toffee tea, flowers and white tea and I will be using those for today’s cheap but cheerful craft. You will need to get some of your own favorite teas and some empty teabags. The teabags come cheap; they are about 4 dollars for 100. If you can't find empty teabags at your local grocery store try eBay or Trader Joe's.

While you are at it, also grab some cooking string (I am using red/white string, but you can use any color combination) and print out the sheet of teabag labels. A number of the labels have text written on them, whereas others have been purposely left blanc so that you can add your own text if you like to.

Click Here For Labels PDF

  • Loose tea of your choosing
  • Empty tea bags
  • String
  • Stapler (preferably one with small staples)
  • Scissors
  • Cut and print out of the teabag labels
How To

1. Collect all the necessary ingredients
2. Fill your teabags with tea (I recommend filling it 1/2 of tea)
3. Fold the top corners in and fold over twice
4. Cut the string (4 inches) and staple it to the teabag

5. Cut out the teabag labels (edit first if you want to use your own text)
6. Fold the labels over, put one end of string inside and staple
7. Staple the other end of the string to the teabag and you are done. Easy peasy. If you want to give these away as a present, you can download and print this little printable box template and put them inside.
Enjoy your tea!

Thank you for the great idea, Lot! I don't know about all of you, but I can't wait to make my own tea! It's the perfect way to give someone the gift of love and warmth this year. My husband and I drink tea all the time, so I'm thinking we should make our own tea together for a great date night. 

How about you? Do you drink tea? Would you make your own? Tell us about it in the comments below! 

- - Happy Crafting! - -


Jessica Brauer said...

What a great idea! Those tags are adorable too! They would make great wedding favors too, with little personalized tags! I am excited to check out a new blog! (Anything mentioning cake is already excellent in my book)

melissa carswell said...

I'm pinning this to pinterest as a gift for my best friend who loves tea!!! :) Thanks!

Catalina said...

We love tea! This is a wonderful idea -- I can share some of my favorite teas with others this way!

Lot - Cake Memoirs said...

Thanks for these lovely comments Catalina, Melissa & Jessica!