In Desperate Need of Some Color

I don't know about you, but it seems like every year winter catches me a little off guard. I'll be going along great, when WHAM! I'm wanting to take a nap every day and nothing can seem to get me motivated. I think that the seasons play all sorts of tricks on everyone in their own way, but I'm determined to not let it get the best of me. You know what I need?

I need BRIGHT colors back in my life! I'm good with the muted shades of fall and winter for oh so long, but when the gloominess strikes....there's only one solution. 

Unless someone is going to invent an amazing solar dome to cover the entire campus (or my house!) with glorious life-giving rays, I am going to have to stare at these beautiful color palettes until I gain some inspiration and excitement. 

There are all of these projects I have been dying to do. The creative desire is there, but my recent laziness lack of creative juice means I am running on empty. Today we are all about hybrids. Perhaps I should find my own....

Behold the morphing of winter and spring color palettes! 

The hues are muted and frosty, but look at that YELLOW! It's a glorious mustardy color that I SO long to be able to wear but look SO unfortunately sick in. It just pops right out at you and says "HELLO! I am yellow in this sea of grey!" (And yes, I have started spelling gray, grey instead. I think it looks better. Yes, I'm aware I am not British.) 

I need to punctuate my gloomy gray life with a big ole POP of color. I can still do winter justice, but I can do it with personality. Because I'm sorry, I just don't think any bright color is ugly enough to put on the shelf for a whole season! 

What gets you down in the winter time? How do you get out of the funk? 


2littlehooligans said...

hey your kinda witty:) what a cute and colorful post! you know my love for color and maybe that is why i do it. it keeps me happy all year long:) there is just something cheerful about being surounded by color all the time.

Lot said...

isn't it amazing how you can be drawn to certain colour combinations? I absolutely adored the grey-yellow scheme. BTW, grey is the only correct way to spell it - but as a Brit I might be slightly biased ;)