Trying The Green Monster Smoothie

I recently came across a recipe for the Green Monster Smoothie. I have never had a spinach smoothie before, so I was excited to try it out.

It turned out a vibrant green color, and I felt a little like Iron Man drinking his cholorphyll drink. Luckily, it tasted fantastic! I changed up the recipe a little bit. I used honey flavored Greek yogurt and coconut milk instead of almond. I added a little splash of vanilla to enhance the flavor. 

I want to play around with this recipe in the future. I think it would be fantastic with other fruits added. I feel pretty fantastic knowing that I had over 2 cups of spinach in my morning drink!

Have you ever tried a spinach smoothie? What are your favorite ingredients? 


Lot said...

I have to tell you, you didn't sell the spinach drink to me ;) Drinking spinach just doesn't compute. Do you really taste the spinach much?

Megan said...

Aren't you glad you tried it out?? I was so suspicious of all the people that posted about it, but I finally tried it last year, and the spinach is totally undetectable. Perfect for adding some extra vitamins and nutrients!!

Katie said...

I LOVE green smoothies - makes you feel so healthy first thing in the morning!