Photoshop Express App

Somehow I have made it through the last 5 months of owning an iPhone without downloading the Photoshop Express app. I stumbled across it today, and I'm really happy with it so far. It can do plenty of basic edits to your iPhone photos, which is going to be great for blogging. I tested it out on this picture I took of some super cute owls at Barnes and Noble. 

I changed the saturation, added a cool border, and messed around with the sketch function. I think the result is awesome!

Here I added some saturation and increased the exposure. 

There are also cool effects, like the pop art one you see below. I also added another border frame. 

I think this app will really help me share quality pictures on the go in times when lugging around my DSLR is not an option. Combine this app with Instagram, and you've got a nice collection of free photo editing tricks right on your phone. 

Have any of your own favorite photo apps? I'd love to hear about them!

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Lot said...

Love the pics! I like ising Vignette on my android phone. So many great options there